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Cloakroom equipment | Cloakroom hangers | Cloakroom benches

  • bench frames made of closed steel profiles, powder coated
  • seat made of 15 mm hardwood plywood
Cloakroom equipment

Cloakroom hangers

Cloakroom hangers
Cat. No. (W x H x D) [mm]EquipmenWeight
2-48-20500 x 90 x 803 triple hangers1 kg
2-48-211000 x 90 x 805 triple hangers2 kg
2-48-221500 x 90 x 807 triple hangers3 kg

Free-standing bench

Free-standing bench
Cat. No.(W x H x D)[mm]Weight
2-48-231000 x 430 x 40010 kg
2-48-241500 x 430 x 40014 kg
2-48-252000 x 430 x 40019 kg

Free-standing bench with hangers

Free-standing bench with hangers
Cat. No.(W x H x D)[mm]EquipmenWeight
2-48-261000 x 1700 x 4355 triple hangers18 kg
2-48-271500 x 1700 x 4357 triple hangers24 kg
2-48-282000 x 1700 x 4359 triple hangers30 kg

2-sided bench with hangers

2-sided bench with hangers
Cat. No.(W x H x D)[mm]EquipmenWeight
2-48-291000 x 1700 x 83510 triple hangers30 kg
2-48-301500 x 1700 x 83514 triple hangers42 kg
2-48-312000 x 1700 x 83518 triple hangers53 kg

Standard colours (colour specification according to RAL)

Strips and hangers

RAL 7035

Anti-slip mat for wet rooms

  • for use in cloakrooms, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and staff facilities
  • mat is 600 mm wide
  • supplied in any length up to 12 m max
  • colours: blue, green, brown
Anti-slip mat for wet rooms
Non-slip mat connector
Colors of non-slip mats

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