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School lockers | lockers | storage cabinets | HSK02

  • Our lockers are used mainly in educational buildings (kindergartens, schools, universities), industrial buildings and shopping centres
  • modular construction allows to adapt the lockers to individual needs
  • solid door equipped with a lock to prevent damage
  • safe to use, effectively protecting against unwanted access from outside
  • bright and vivid colours design language focused on children and teenagers do not limit the use of the new Jotkel lockers; painted in less vivid colours, they are also ideal for employee cloakrooms as clothes lockers or lunch cabinets, or in supermarkets; the list of applications is, of course, much wider: luggage storage rooms, fitness clubs or gyms, swimming pools and other sporting facilities, boarding houses, canteens are just some of them
  • locker doors have ventilation slots o ensure proper air circulation inside and are provided with a label or number spot; an additional limit safety prevents them from being opened too wide and thus from being damaged; bumpers provide for silent closing
  • made of high quality sheet steel, with durable powder coating
Certificate of compliance for metal safety cabinets
  • As a manufacturer we offer professional and comprehensive technical advice
Our projects - Szkoła podstawowa w Komornikach

Szkoła podstawowa
w Komornikach

Our projects - Zespół Szkolno Przedszkolny we Wrocławiu

Zespół Szkolno Przedszkolny
we Wrocławiu

School lockers

School lockers

  • The possibility to join (bolt together) lockers and anchor them to the wall makes our lockers safe and student-friendly - this way of mounting them prevents them from tipping over, which is particularly important during class breaks

1500 mm lockers

2-compartment locker 1500 mm
4-compartment locker 1500 mm
  • For younger primary school students.
  • Perfect for storing clothes and shoes, as well as personal belongings.
  • locker width: 600 mm
  • ompartment width: 300 mm
  • locker depth: 350 mm
  • locker height: 1500 mm

1800 mm lockers

6-compartment locker 1800 mm
8-compartment locker 1800 mm
  • Lockers with the height of 1800 mm are designed for older students and adults. Limit safety enables the door to be opened in a safe range. Each locker compartment has two hangers at the top. Quiet closing of the door thanks to mounted bumpers..
  • locker width: 600 mm, 800 mm
  • compartment width: 300 mm, 400 mm
  • locker depth: 350 mm, 490 mm
  • locker height: 1800 mm

Locker equipment information

door with limit safety
cylindrical lock in the Master Key system
compartment has two hanger
quiet closing of the door thanks to mounted bumpers

door with limit safety

secure cylindrical lock in the Master Key system

each compartment has two hangers

quiet closing of the door thanks to mounted bumpers

  • Each compartment is opened with a separate key.
  • And it's also possible to open all the doors with one key, the so-called master key

It is possible to install other types of locks:

mechanical combination lock
electronic combination lock
padlock eye

mechanical combination lock

electronic combination lock

padlock eye

Standard colours (colour specification according to RAL)


RAL 7035

Cabinet's doors

RAL 1021

RAL 1003

RAL 2008

RAL 3002

RAL 6019

RAL 6029

RAL 5012

RAL 5005

RAL 7035

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School lockers | lockers | storage cabinets | HSK 02


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