Dispensing cabinets - automatic cabinets for tools distribution

Cabinets for distribution of tools, personal protective equipment, parts, etc.

Advantages of automatic tool dispensing cabinets:

Dispensing cabinets are fully automatic tool storage units. They are used in modern industry and logistics. The use of these devices provides constant, but limited access to stored tools and goods. The contents of the automated storage unit are retrieved only by authorised persons.

A flexible login method allows you to use: an RFID card, a barcode card or an individual PIN number.

An intelligent wardrobe management system allows you to monitor its contents in real time (e-mail notifications). This greatly simplifies warehouse management and production planning. Additionally, the authorization and event recording system enables fraud verification.

Tool distribution cabinets have an innovative system that allows you to create lists of goods and tools, the so-called Basket. The items listed are dispensed sequentially after the barcode is scanned. The list created in this way allows you to connect goods and tools with a specific process. This makes production supervision much easier.

Benefits of dispensing cabinets:

  • Constant and limited access to high-value items.
  • Automatic control of cabinet contents facilitates production continuity. Enables ordering items with low inventory in advance.
  • Using baskets and assigning barcodes to the items speeds up the retrieval process and minimises the risk of mistakes.
  • The location of the retrieved items is displayed on the monitor. This makes them easier to find it in the drawer.
  • The automated dispensing cabinet keeps a continuous log of events. This ensures verification of potential misuse.
  • It is possible to combine several dispensing cabinets with each other. The cabinet system created in this manner consists of a MASTER cabinet with a monitor and authorisation system, and a SLAVE cabinet without these components. The MASTER cabinet controls the operation of the SLAVE cabinets.
  • Cabinets can be configured according to customer guidelines – the number of drawers and their height.

Oferowane szafy wydawcze, to solidne stalowe konstrukcje, które w połączeniu z pewnym i dobrze przetestowanym sterowaniem, zapewniają długotrwałą i niezawodną pracę.

The distribution cabinet system consists of two types of cabinets: Master and Slave

Master type dispensing cabinet

Master type dispensing cabinet
Cat. No. 70125

Slave type dispensing cabinet

Slave type dispensing cabinet
Cat. No. 70126

Characteristics of the Master publishing cabinet:

  • The publishing cabinet is a fully automatic warehouse. It is used to store contents such as tools, components, measuring instruments, occupational health and safety products, etc. in drawers.
  • Users of the dispensing cabinet have access only to those drawers that were previously assigned to them. Access is possible in three ways:
    - entering an individual PIN code,
    - RFID card reading,
    - barcode card scan.
  • When the drawer is opened, the user retrieves an item and indicates the amount they have collected. When the inventory of an item has fallen below a certain minimum, an email warning is sent to a predefined email inbox.
  • All the items in the cabinet can be assigned an individual barcode.
  • No need to select items from a list or search for them.
  • The drawer is opened by scanning the barcode from an empty package, drawing or documentation.
  • The dispensing cabinet enables defining a list of items for each user, that will be taken as a set (cart). The cart may consist of various tools or components required for specific production tasks. When the contents of a cart are in different drawers, they are opened sequentially and the location of the items is displayed on the monitor. The dispensing cabinet automatically reduces the inventory by the retrieved amount and will send a notification when the minimum values are reached. The cart can be accessed by selecting it after logging in or by scanning the barcode, which can be found on the drawing or other documentation.
  • The employee supervising the operation of the dispensing cabinet has the following authority:
    - adding or removing its users,
    - replenishing items in the cabinet – it is possible to automatically replenish only the items with low inventory values,
    - defining and assigning carts,
    - blocking drawers and adding temporary access to specific items,
    - setting the email address to which notifications will be sent.
Barcode reader

Barcode reader

RFID card reader

RFID card reader

Dispensing cabinet parameters:

  • The cabinet structure is made of cold-rolled steel.
  • The cabinet body is powder-coated, the inside of the drawers is made of galvanized steel.
  • Overall dimensions of the Master cabinet:
    - width: 740 mm,
    - height: 1780 mm (Slave cabinet: height 1356 mmm)
    - depth: 770 mm,
  • Load capacity:
    - total load of the cabinet: 300 kg,
    - maximum drawer load: 30 kg.
  • Drawers mounted on ball guides. When fully extended, they provide convenient access to the entire assortment.
  • The drawer layout is tailored to a specific solution. It is modular in nature, which allows the installation of various combinations of drawers with heights: 90, 180, 270.
Usable height of drawersUsable height of drawers
Standard drawer - without divisionsStandard drawer - without divisions
Drawer equipped with divisionsDrawer equipped with divisions

Drawer typedrawer loading space (W x H x D) [mm]
Type 90600 x 600 x 80
Type 180600 x 600 x 170
Type 270600 x 600 x 260

Adjustable divider sets, can be installed in the drawers to adjust the interior space of the drawers to the number and size of stored items.

The basic version of the publishing cabinet does not have divisions for drawers. They can be purchased depending on the user's needs.

Intuitive interfaceIntuitive interface
Access to the enabling system unlocking all drawers manually - only for authorized persons holding the keyAccess to the enabling system unlocking all drawers manually - only for authorized persons holding the key
The cabinet must be connected for the electrical installation alternating voltage of 230V and frequency 50HzThe cabinet must be connected for the electrical installation alternating voltage of 230V and frequency 50Hz

Standard colours (colour specification according to RAL)

The cabinet body


Grey aluminium

Drawer fronts


Jet black

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