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Surface preparation

NTS-200 pressure cleaner (sand blasting machine)

  • 200-litre pressure abrasive material tank,
  • working pressure 0.5-7 bar.
  • cleaning is carried out by manually directing the abrasive material jet from a nozzle to the workpiece.
  • the NTS-200 pressure sand blasting machine is used to clean various steel structures.
  • used for anti-corrosion work, renovation of monuments, cleaning of wooden and stone surfaces or graffiti removal.
  • designed to clean any surface by ejecting a suitable abrasive material in a stream of compressed air
Sandblasting with the NTS-200 pressure cleaner

Elements after cleaning

Sandblasted detail
Sandblasted elements

Techmatrans 1500 tunnel cleaner (shot blasting machine)

it is designed for cleaning metal objects, sheet steel, rolled profiles from rust and other impurities, reducing roughness of castings, etc.

Dimensions of the inlet opening of the cleaning chamber:

  • width: 1600mm,
  • height:700mm,

Maximum workpiece size:

  • sheets with a maximum width of 1500mm,
  • pipes with a maximum diameter of 650mm.
Surface preparation - Shot blasting tunnel
Surface preparation - shape tool before shot blasting

Section before shot blasting

Surface preparation - shape tool after shot blasting

Section after shot blasting


  • internal dimensions 1000x1000x720
  • pressure abrasive material circulation system
  • automatic dust extraction and filtration system
  • possible types of abrasive material: corundum, shot, glass beads, plastic abrasive, etc.
Surface preparation  - sandblasting cabin


Circular vibrator for edge blunting, grinding and polishing KROMAS type VM 600 ED

  • total capacity of the drum 788 l
  • working capacity o the drum 600 l
  • vibration frequency with stepless adjustment
  • max. batch of parts 300 kg
  • inner chute width 430 mm
  • discharge ramp with separation screen
Rotary vibration machining in loose abrasive


A device for cleaning the oxides produced during welding and stainless steel. Surface discolouration caused by TIG inert gas shielded tungsten electrode welding and arising from spot welding are immediately removed and the original polishing gloss is recovered without further treatment.

Surfox 202 with graphics kit
Surfox 202 elements with graphics kit

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