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IDEAL-LINE painting line

Basic specifications:

  • Manufacturer: IDEAL - LINE A/S
  • Year of construction: 2009
  • Line speed: up to 0.9 m/min
  • Maximum dimensions of the workpiece: 2500x1300x600 [mm] [mm]

The painting line consists of the following modules:

1.Degreasing system

with simultaneous phosphatisation
+ a set of scrubbers equipped with a water demineralisation station
+ curing oven (0–120℃).

2. Painting system

automatic booth for CORONA powder coating equipped with guns mounted on two robots
+ manual gun (all GEMA OPTISELECT type) and fully-equipped powder bins
+ cyclone for powder recovery..

3. Curing system (powder coating polymerisation)

continuous oven - process temperature: max. 200℃.

Additional features:

The entire device is equipped with a suspended chain conveyor system. Closed work cycle.

Jotkel powder coating line

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